Scope of Work

FATA’s scope of work was to design, manufacture, install and commission the fully Automated Parking System (APS) for 270 spaces on four levels of parking. The major components supplied for the APS were 270 car stands, three vehicle lifts, five rotating robot shuttles, eight non-rotating robot shuttles, control hardware and software, and the electrical distribution system.

Project Requirement

The client was looking for a cost-effective way of parking the required vehicle count for the development such that it would provide the customers with a comfortable, speedy, reliable parking experience.

Automated Parking System

The valet operated system provides a luxury parking experience for hotel and beach club guests as well as for surrounding local businesses. The customer hands their vehicle to the valet on the ground floor in exchange for a ticket and the valet parks the vehicle in the APS. When the customer returns to the hotel and scans their ticket the APS brings their vehicle to the ground floor. The valet drives the vehicle out of the vehicle lift and hands it over to the waiting customer.

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