Paint Shop Conveyance

The processes FATA provides in an Automotive Paint Shop facility are:

  • Pre-Treatment and Electro Dip (PTED)
  • Paint Booth Conveyor
  • Oven Conveyor
  • Sealer Lines
  • Deleivery Systems
  • Body Lifts
  • Body Transfers

Below are examples of products that can be used to complete these processes.

Skid Systems

Skid Systems can be found in body shops everywhere that are producing vehicles. Skid systems offer an efficient and quiet mode of transportation. Standard designs are available for both dry and wet area applications. 

Power and Free

Power and Free Systems are extremely common in body shops due to their robutness and shear power. Unlike basic overhead monorail conveyor systems, these systems provide the unique ability to stop individual loads without stopping the entire production line.